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Drafts limbo

I was cleaning out my room today and came across four binders crammed with hand-written sheet music. 10,5 kg of sketches! I stored up all this stuff almost since the beginning of my first meeting with written music in late … Continue reading

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Stravinsky & Venice

August 04, 2010. London, Royal Albert Hall. BBC Prom No. 25.  I was in London last week and I could not resist my first time of this incredible and old-established musical happening (“The Proms” is an eight-week summer season of … Continue reading

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Arranging for dummies

I uploaded a new video on YT last week. Excerpts from Prokofiev’s “Chout” arranged for cello and piano by the cellist Roman Sapozhnikov, very well-known in Russia for his Cello publications. The fact is that I decided to add a … Continue reading

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Musical origami

I’ve always been intrigued by origamis. When I found out that the musical pitch space could be rappresented with a tapered helix, I became obsessed by the idea of modeling shapes and figures basing on intervals, both vertical and linear. … Continue reading

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A case in point

Since “For classical music geeks only” is lately the most active post of the blog, I decided to upload an audio sample of what I tried to explain right there about 9/8 time signature modifications. Here you can listen to … Continue reading

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Verdi’s absolute rarities

Yesterday I rooted out a very unexpected jewel from iTunes Store. I was looking for something unique and at last I found a set of unpublished works by Giuseppe Verdi!! 8-] I already knew the chich of ARTS label titles … Continue reading

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For classical music geeks only

As you can read on my About page, an epogdous in numbers (the ratio 9/8) is a whole tone in music. 9/8 is also one of Debussy’s favourite time signature (Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune, Claire de lune, etc.). Even … Continue reading

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