I’m a graduate student in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).  Dispite my scientific interests (which range from computational structural biology to machine learning, etc.) I cultivate a deep passion for classical music and in general for musicology. As a teen I studied the flute but basically I’m a self-taught pianist and composer in my spare time.

I’m well-acquainted with the music of 1850-1950 period. I generally don’t like to say I have preferences for some composer in particular but I can’t deny that Charles Ives hold a great fascination to me. In my opinion the common message of his music could be summed up by the transcendentalist precept “low living, high thinking”. I totally agree with it.

Epogdous came to life as a YouTube username. I founded Epogdous’ channel on July 4 2009 and my first upload was Ives’ Fourth Smphony (not a chance). My main achievements as a youtuber are the browsing of the almost complete works by Albéric Magnard, the improving of the discovery of Ralph Vaughan Williams’ little known works, the creating of scrolling scores of Ives’ Songs, and much more. I hope Epogdous will never let down his followers.

The aim of Epogdous’ blog is to establish a talking link over music and share everyday life stories! =]


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  2. Ming-Jen Suen says:

    Hi! I saw your posting of “Symphonic dances from westside story” for two pianos and percussion Arr. by Oaul Mckibbins and Robert Philipp on youtube and liked it very much. I wonder where I can purchase the music because I can not find any publish information at our local music store. If it is not published, do you know anyone I can contact with about the score?

    Thank you so much for your time and help.

  3. DeliciousHotSchmoe says:

    I tried to contact you through youtube but I was unable to leave a message or comment there. I see others are seeking your musical sources! I love the Lobster Quadrille by Irving Fine and cannot locate a recording of it to purchase. Can you share which recording you used and how we may locate it? Thank you! Your musical “distraction” really takes you places!
    Thank you!

  4. debora brunialti says:

    Buonasera …siamo il duo pianistico Biondi Brunialti abbiamo trovato su youtube un video del 2010 ,che ha inserito lei la ringraziamo ,ma il brano da noi eseguito non è come è stato scritto un brano di Ligety ma la fantasia a 2 pf di scriabin . Ci farebbe piacere se fosse corretta ,per qualsiasi informazione le lasciamo la nostra mail paoladebora@libero.it

    grazie Paola&Debora

  5. Andrea says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the scrolling scores of Ives’s songs and other things. 🙂

  6. Hello, Epogdous.

    I’m writing a press release on the recent publication of a book on Charles Ives by a music professor here at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and he pointed me to the Symphony n.4 – I. Prelude: Maestoso that you uploaded as a sample of the music. I’d like to know if you would allow me to embed your video on the same page as the press release on our website, as a way of giving readers an idea of what Ives’ music was like. It’s difficult to explain with words; easier to just have them listen to the music. Please let me know if we can embed it. Thanks!

    • epogdous says:

      Dear Sonia,

      Thank you so much for your mail. I am honored to have the video embed on your website. Ives’ music is a treasure that must be shared with others. By the way, I would like to invite you (and the music professor too) to have a look also to the following video. It is a precious documentary by Michael Tilson Thomas about Ives’ Holidays Symphony. It is amazing and also very didactic (see the second link). I am sure you will find it extremely interesting.


      Best regards,
      Davide Cirillo

      • Thanks Davide!

        Here is the webpage (your video is at the bottom).


        We’re still reformatting our webpages to allow for easier posting of videos so at this stage it looks a little awkward. But I’d like to thank you for sharing; I think it makes the subject matter so much more accessible. Also, I’ll check out the links you suggested and forward to Prof. David Paul, our resident Ivesian. Thanks again!

  7. Nicolas Beaudoin says:

    Thank you so much for posting Alberic Magnard’s “Promenades” – part 1 “Envoi” – played by Christoph Keller. I’m desperately looking for all the other parts (there should be 5 or 6 ?) but no luck. Would you have them as well ? I could find no record in amazon or elsewhere. Kind regards.

  8. Fernando says:

    Dear Sir,
    I saw some times ago in your youtube channel the video of Cello Sonata by Magnard wich it’s no more in the channel. My question is simple: ignoring all facts around it, can you say me the interpreters of this sonata?
    Thank you so much and I’m sorry my english… I’m a great fan of Magnard but I have Beethoven and Franck my mentors, and Vierne my recent discovery…

    Best regards,
    Fernando Couto

    • epogdous says:

      Unfortunately I had to remove the video for copyright claims. Anyways, the performers are Mats Lindstrøm (cello) and Bengt Forsberg (piano).

      Davide Cirillo

  9. Julian says:

    Dear Davide,
    I’m an argentinian student-composer who’s starting to write the thesis of composition. We chatted once on youtube i believe. My main interest is the style of british composers, in particular Vaughan Williams. Anyway, I saw your post on youtube of “an oxford elegy”, and I was wondering if by any chance you could either send me or tell me where I could find the piano transcription you uploaded of it. It would be most useful to me. Yours sincerely,

  10. Rika says:

    Hello, I saw the video of Ludwig van Beethoven – Grand Fugue Op. 133 with score on Youtube you posted. Would you tell me who is playing the recording and which CD? Thank you so much.

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