The well intentioned amateur enthusiast: Oban 14yo

Then comes the Oban. 14 years old Oban Scotch malt whiskey is made in the Western Highlands, one of the most sparsely populated region in Europe. Oban is not exactly a gem, as the saying is. It is a ‘clean’ malt that misses its mark somehow. It has a flimsy, spiritous smell, by no means spreading throughout the tumbler after pouring. The taste is dry and clean, but fresh, with citrus and licorice tips. It quickly turns to salty and bitter keeping a sharp almost metallic acidity. Its harshness is balanced by the pleasant long finish of mature fruits and pervasive burn-out feeling. It gives a fresh breath too! My overall opinion is quite contrasted. For sure, Oban doesn’t stand comparison with the excellent Lagavulin. Now I can’t wait to taste the remaining four Classic Malts and make comparisons as well.


About epogdous

I'm an italian student of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Sapienza University of Rome. Dispite my scientific interests (which range from structural biology to immunology, etc.) I cultivate a deep passion for classical music and in general for musicology. As a teen I studied the flute but basically I'm a self-taught pianist and composer. I'm well-acquainted with the music of 1850-1950 era. I generally don't like to say I have preferences for some composer in particular but I can't deny that Ralph Vaughan Williams and Charles Ives hold a great fascination to me. I think that the common message of their music is the transcendentalist precept "low living, high thinking".
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  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you for the perfect gift you gave me this evening. I was trying to remember passages from some of Ives’ 101 Songs which I sang 30 years ago, and you offered not just well-chosen recordings but the scores themselves. Your effort means a great deal to me. Thank you.

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