Drafts limbo

I was cleaning out my room today and came across four binders crammed with hand-written sheet music. 10,5 kg of sketches! I stored up all this stuff almost since the beginning of my first meeting with written music in late primary school. It was a very sad moment for me as I became aware of all the huge amount of music that have been noted down over the years and put to the side though. I must admit that it’s my greatest regret that I dropped my musical vocation down the hole. I was younger and naive. Nowadays music is my main diversion and I still can’t help composing tons of snippets and drafts. I see over time it’s increasingly difficult to find the time for carrying out a complete and exhaustive work indeed. What’s more, I’m a perfectionist. So at the moment I’m forcing myself not to start anything new before finishing the current projects. Maybe there will be a day when I’ll take that heap of memories into my hands again and try to get the best from it.

Everything’s composed—but not written yet.
W. A. Mozart


About epogdous

I'm an italian student of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Sapienza University of Rome. Dispite my scientific interests (which range from structural biology to immunology, etc.) I cultivate a deep passion for classical music and in general for musicology. As a teen I studied the flute but basically I'm a self-taught pianist and composer. I'm well-acquainted with the music of 1850-1950 era. I generally don't like to say I have preferences for some composer in particular but I can't deny that Ralph Vaughan Williams and Charles Ives hold a great fascination to me. I think that the common message of their music is the transcendentalist precept "low living, high thinking".
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