Janáček or the extrasensory experience

March 03, 2010. Milan, La Scala Theatre. From the House of the Death, opera by Leoš Janáček. Esa-Pekka Salonen, conductor. Staging by Patrice Chéreau. When rumors about this incredible production spread out, I was beside myself. So, when Decemeber came, my parents found the perfect Christmas gift for me and that blessed Wednesday of March I finally spent a great day in Milan! In the morning I went for a stroll in the elegant midtown, visiting the Sforza Castle, the Duomo, the Brera art gallery and taking a coffee break in the famous Caffè Cova. Then in the evening I dressed up and went to the opera. The show was awesome. I knew the Chéreau’s version (I saw a dvd in the past) and the result was uncanny as expected! And the music… Janáček’s language is a living moody microcosmos. His music reminds me of those odd theories about emotional perception in plants! ^^ It seemed like the music reacted to what happened on the stage, not just only as a supportive vehicle to the action but as a character itself, flesh and bones, sympathizing, pointing out, giving and taking offence, suffering, moving… A living being! I massively appreciated the show. Salonen was great as ever. He started conducting not even come up the podium! I think the first violinist hated him for this! That was the first time to La Scala for me. I believe it won’t be the last and I hope the Opera Theatre of Rome will follow the example and set up interesting produtions like that.


About epogdous

I'm an italian student of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Sapienza University of Rome. Dispite my scientific interests (which range from structural biology to immunology, etc.) I cultivate a deep passion for classical music and in general for musicology. As a teen I studied the flute but basically I'm a self-taught pianist and composer. I'm well-acquainted with the music of 1850-1950 era. I generally don't like to say I have preferences for some composer in particular but I can't deny that Ralph Vaughan Williams and Charles Ives hold a great fascination to me. I think that the common message of their music is the transcendentalist precept "low living, high thinking".
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